Supporting by our strong personnel QC , the product ‘quality is always guaranteed. Our products are 100% inspected before being packed and dispatched. We also accept any Third Party of Inspection appointed by our customers, such as Lloyd's Register, TUV, DNV, BV, SGS, IEI, SAI etc.Quality assurance is carried throughout the process from the raw material purchasing to processing, packing, storage and transportation. Every process strictly conforms to the ISO 9001:2008. "Quality and Reasonable Price “is our promise to our customers.

  Quality Management


  Cangzhou Ruozhou Metal since its establishment in the 2005s,has focused on the steel industry and exported a complete range of steel products to all over the word for over ten years.

In the pipefittings&flanges unit,our cooperative factory has the latest production facilities that can cover all product. And more specifically on the seamless pipe fittings/large size flanges.

  Third Party Inspection

Third party inspection that is preferred by new customers are proved to be convincing. Through years' of operation,M/S Cangzhou Ruozhou Metal Products has established stable contact with world famous third party inspection authorities like BV,SGS,TUV etc.

In M/S Cangzhou Ruozhou Metal Products,we provide accurate inspection equipment&device and necessary service for sample preparation for third party inspectors.

  M/S Cangzhou Ruozhou Metal Products has almost all kinds of inspection&test equipment&device for general tests like size&size tolerance check,tensile test,hardness test,flattening test,expanding test,ECT,UT,hydrostatic test, impact test,etc.

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